Privacy Notice 

We do not collect identifiable personal information about you when you visit our web site unless you choose to provide it to us to take advantage of a specific service or product e.g. by completing an online form, using our on-line shop or signing up for email newsletter.

Any information which you provide in this way is not made available to any third parties for commercial purposes and is used by Niall Cunniffe only in line with the purpose for which you provided it e.g. to respond to your query or send you a product which you purchase or if required by law for legal purposes.

For further details of how the data you provide is used/treated by us please see our GDPR policy below. 

GDPR Policy

I (Niall Cunniffe) recognise that your privacy is important and is committed to respecting your privacy. The information you submit will be kept confidential and will be protected using the highest standards of security and used in accordance with European General Data Protection Regulations (G.D.P.R.), with effect from May 25th 2018.

What type of data is collected and stored by

Contact details (name, email address, postal address and phone number) via any or all of the following:

  • contact form on our website

  • newsletter sign-ups or on our website

  • as a result of direct contact where you have requested to be added to our mailing list.

NOTE: Niall Cunniffe does not retain or have access to any credit card or banking details of clients who purchase via the online shop or via online shops of external suppliers of her work or via any other electronic payment system. 

What is the purpose of retaining the information that you provide:

Personal information provided by you to Niall Cunniffe will only be used for the following purposes appropriate to the services or products Niall Cunniffe:


  • Responding to queries

  • Marketing such as sign up for email newsletters (but only if you have agreed to this)

Where Data is Stored:

All records (e.g. Name and contact details/photos) are stored on Niall Cunniffe electronic devices (such as laptop/phone/ipad) and all devices are protected with passwords only known to the user – Niall Cunniffe.  No paper records are retained.

All emails are sent via Mailchimp which is compliant with GDPR – and always includes an unsubscribe button.

Who has access to your records and why:

Niall Cunniffe is the only person who has access to your records directly.  In all cases where a third party is involved Niall Cunniffe has ensured that these companies are fully compliant with GDPR.

We may also be required under law to surrender records to a legal authority. We will inform you of any such request unless it is forbidden by law.

Please understand, it is not possible to treat you or to deliver the services and products you request, if we cannot hold any records on you at all.

How long is data retained?

Our policy is to retain data for 6 years. However, all records will be destroyed at any time if you request it in writing. Contact details that are no longer relevant or active relating to Niall Cunniffe reviewed and deleted after one year and similarly marketing email lists will be reviewed and updated with only those who wish to remain connected with Niall Cunniffe

Your rights:

  • You can request to see all our records on you at any time.

  • If you think some information is incorrect, or not needed for the purposes outlined above, you may request that we amend it or destroy it.

  • You can request us to destroy all records that we hold on you.

  • Please allow up to 14 days for us to comply.

  • Since requests for destruction or amendment of records are regarded as important changes you should send all requests in writing via registered post (See Data Controller contact details)

Data Controller

Niall Cunniffe (Data Controller) may be contacted for all matters relating to your personal records. All requests for destruction of records or requests to receive or amend records should be emailed to


All information on these pages is provided by Niall Cunniffe and is believed to be correct as at the time of issue. Niall Cunniffe accepts no liability for any inaccuracies or any loss or damage arising from the use or reliance on information obtained from the website.