In Scott the sock's first adventure, young readers can join in the search for his matching sock with the occasional rhyme and alliteration and plenty of colourful pictures to engage them along the way.

“They absolutely loved the book and it really
held their interest!”
Ms Sonja Dunne, Teacher, St. Mary’s Boys National School

Scott the sock has never left his drawer. And why would he, when he's got his matching sock, Stitch, to play with?

But when Stitch decides to run away, Scott must choose between the safety of the drawer or following his friend into the big scary world outside. Will he take the plunge, or leave Stitch to face the unknown alone? 

Funny and charming, highlighting the importance of friendship today, Scott and the Runaway Sock is sure to warm the hearts of both children and adults alike.

“I loved how the socks kept going, even though it was hard, when one of the socks was stuck in the basket,”
Alex, aged 5

“It's a lovely book! Sweet story, fabulous illustrations!”
Ms Karen Ní Chondubh, Teacher, Caherelly National School